Triplo Press Trp Mp3

Rondeau.mp3 1.502.05.01 20:11:34James Olcott Mp3Mouret: Rondeau Mp31987Triplo Press (TRP-21) Mp3Arranged for 5 B-flat trumpets b0:01:39128S44
ChristmasSong.mp3 23:51:37James Olcott Mp3The Christmas Song Mp31989Triplo Press (TRP-32) Mp3Arranged for 5 B-flat trumpets b0:02:11128S44
FanBras.mp3 13:53:34James Olcott Mp3da Silva "duda":Fantasia Brasi Mp32002Triplo Press (TRP_070 Mp34 mvmts for 5- B-flat trumpets0:06:26128S44
TrumpetTune.mp3 12:06:56James Olcott Mp3Clarke: Trumpet Tune Mp31989Triplo Press (TRP- 24) Mp3Arranged for five B-flat trumpet0:01:12128S44
SequentialFanfares.mp3 1.502.06.14 14:37:56James Olcott Mp3Olcott: Four Sequential Fanfar Mp31990Triplo Press (TRP-034) Mp3For four B-flat trumpets0:01:37128S44
FQIII.mp3 1.502.02.11 15:40:36James Olcott Mp3Mvnt 3 fr. Act IV of The Fair Mp31998Triplo Press (TRP-050) Mp3By Henry Purcell. Arr. Olcott fo0:01:36128S44
Procession.mp3 05:13:34James Olcott Mp3Zabel: Procession Mp31989Triplo Press (TRP-029) Mp3Arranged for 10 B-flat trumpets0:02:09128S44
Shenandoah.mp3 2.302.05.06 03:57:57James Olcott Mp3Shenandoah Mp31989Triplo Press (TRP-011) Mp3Arranged for seven B-flat trumpe0:02:24128S44
TelemannSuite.mp3 5.902.05.06 15:54:09James Olcott Mp3Telemann Suite, arr. William B Mp31997Triplo Press (TRP-058) Mp3For 4 B-flat trumpets. four move0:06:09128S44
UberOnStage.mp3 00:28:21James Olcott Mp3David Uber: Trumpeters on Stag Mp31994Triplo Press (TRP-049) Mp3For three B-flat trumpets0:02:23128S44
Moser.mp3 04:27:46James Olcott Mp3Franz Moser: Scherzo (1929) Mp31998Triplo Press (TRP-036) Mp3For three C trumpets, nine B-fla0:05:13128S44
OctetUber.mp3 3.602.05.16 01:33:16James Olcott Mp3David Uber: Octet for Trumpets Mp31999Triplo Press (TRP-060) Mp3For eight B-flat trumpets0:03:46128S44
LoPresti.mp3 5.802.05.20 04:40:25James Olcott Mp3LoPresti: An Overture and a Fi Mp31979Triplo Press (TRP-040) Mp3For eight B-flat trumpets0:06:05128S44
BuglersHoliday12.mp3 2.302.04.02 04:06:57James Olcott Mp3Anderson: Buglers Holiday Mp32002Triplo Press (TRP-38) Mp3Arranged for 12 trumpets by Davi0:02:29128S44
BanksBraes.mp3 1.802.06.19 00:59:00James Olcott Mp3Grainger: Ye Banks & Braes o' Mp3200Triplo Press (TRP-062) Mp3Arranged for seven B-flat trumpe0:01:56128S44
Heralding.mp3 2.802.02.22 14:39:56James Olcott Mp3Heralding, by Ronald LoPresti Mp31983Triplo Press (TRP-041) Mp3For 13 trumpets in B-flat (one s0:02:55128S44
Rakes.mp3 2.602.09.01 12:44:04James Olcott Mp3Anderson: The Rakes of Mallow Mp32000Triplo Press (TRP-061) Mp3Arranged by Barry Ford for seven0:02:47128S44
FestiveOccasion.mp3 03:59:44James Olcott Mp3Olcott: Fanfare for a Festive Mp31986Triplo Press (TRP-002) Mp3For three B-flat trumpets0:01:02128S44
JazzquartetsB.mp3 1.803.08.19 14:53:12James Olcott (all parts) Mp3jazz quartets 13, 14 Mp32003Triplo Press (TRP-069 Mp314 Recreational Jazz Quartets (#0:01:55128S44
DannyBoy.mp3 3.402.02.24 13:34:45Triplo Press (TRP Mp3Danny Boy (traditional) Mp31993Triplo Press (TRP-010) Mp3Adopted for 6 trumpets (2 A picc0:03:38128S44
WedFan.mp3 0.702.05.28 19:37:25James Olcott Mp3Olcott: Wedding Fanfare No. 1 Mp31986Triplo Press (TRP-007) Mp3For six B-flat trumpets (recorde0:00:48128S44
Scherzino.mp3 01:20:27James Olcott Mp3Kimmell: Scherzino Mp31993Triplo Press (TRP-045) Mp3For four B-flat trumpets.0:01:14128S44
Rainy Day.mp3 1.802.06.11 13:46:20James Olcott Mp3Van Heusen: Here's That Rainy Mp31993Triplo Press (TRP-013) Mp3For eight B-flat trumpets0:01:54128S44
FairyQueenIandII.mp3 13:51:24James Olcott Mp3Symp. fr. Act IV of The Fairy Mp31994Triplo Press, TRP-050 Mp3By Henry Purcell. Arr.for 8 B-fl0:03:18128S44
CharlierDuet.mp3 3.302.06.08 06:21:51James Olcott Mp3Duet: Charlier Companion #2 Mp32000Triplo Press (TRP-063) Mp3*played with Excercise #2 from 30:03:32128S44

The Cleaner Mp3 
The Clear Mp3 
The Clearing Mp3 
The Clearwater Mp3 
The Clearwater Project Mp3 
The Clerks Mp3 
The Clerks Of Christ Church Mp3 
The Click Mp3 
The Clicks Mp3 
The Clientele Mp3 
The Cliff Mp3 
The Cliff Of Suicide Mp3 
The Clif Johnston Trio Mp3 
The Climb Mp3 
The Cling Mp3 
The Clipse Mp3 
The Clipse When S The Last Time Mp3 
The Clique Mp3 
The Clo Mp3 
Theclock Mp3 
The Clock Mp3 
The Clocks Mp3 
The Clock Ticks On Mp3 
The Clock Tower Mp3 
The Clockwork Mp3 
The Clockwork Crew Mp3 
The Close Mp3 
The Closer Mp3 
The Closer I Mp3 
The Closer I Get Mp3 
The Closer I Get To You Mp3 
The Closest Thing To Crazy Mp3 
The Closet Mp3 
The Cloud Mp3 
The Clouds Mp3 
Theclown Mp3 
The Clown Mp3 
The Clown Remix Project Mp3 
The Clowns Mp3 
The Clown Sadness Mp3 
The Club Mp3 
The Club Django Mp3 
The Club Django Sextet Mp3 
The Club Django Sextet Of Mp3 
The Club Django Sextet Of Toront Mp3 
The Clue Mp3 
The Clumsy Mp3 
The Clumsy Lovers Mp3 
The Co Mp3 
The Coach House Mp3 
The Coach House 2000 12 Mp3 
The Coast Mp3 
The Coasters Mp3 
The Big C Mp3 
The Big Cage Mp3 
The Big D Mp3 
The Big Ear Mp3 
The Big Easy Mp3 
The Big Foist Mp3 
Thebiggame Mp3 
The Big Game Mp3 
Thebiggame Org Mp3 
The Bigger Mp3 
The Bigger Lovers Mp3 
The Biggest Mp3 
The Biggest Dreamer Mp3 
The Big Ka Boom Mp3 
The Big L Mp3 
The Big Lebowski Mp3 
The Big Log Mp3 
The Big Note Mp3 
The Big Note Halloween Mp3 
Strata Mp3 
Strategic Mp3 
Strategic Overview Mp3 
Strategic Overview Part Mp3 
Strategic Overview Part 3 Mp3 
Strategie Mp3 
Strategies Mp3 
Strategy Mp3 
Strategy First Mp3 
Stratford Mp3 
Strathspey Mp3 
Strato Mp3 
Stratocaster Mp3 
Stratos Mp3 
Stratosphere Mp3 
Stratovarius Mp3 
Stratovarius Black Diamond Mp3 
Stratovarius Destiny Mp3 
Strat Replacements Mp3 
Stratton Mp3 
Stratus Mp3 
Stratus Cumulus Mp3 
Strau Mp3 
Straub Mp3 
Strauch Mp3 
Straus Mp3 
Strauss Mp3 
Strauss3 Mp3